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Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors

The Strength to Withstand the Elements.
The Beauty to Enhance Your Home.

Fielder Builder uses genuine Summit Windows & Patio Doors. Summit® windows and patio doors can deftly meet the challenges of extreme temperatures and harsh climates year after year. These windows and patio doors will prevent air, wind and water from infiltrating homes because that's precisely what they're designed to do.

Much like glass used for automobile windshields and aircraft, KeepSafe Maximum improves the integrity and performance of the glass in your home.

The results are clear:

A tough, durable, high performance glazing material that helps stand up to hurricane-force winds and windborne debris, and provide a number of additional homeowner benefits.

Before it bears the KeepSafe name, windows and door systems must pass a battery of demanding, standardized performance tests which include:

ASTM F 1233 Class 1 (measures a window's ability to resist forced entry)
ASTM F 588-85 Grade 10 (measures a window's assemblies to resist intrusion)
ASTM F 588-85 Appendix 2 (measures a window's ability to resist impacts)
ASTM F 842 Grade 10 (measures a sliding glass door's resistance to forced entry)
ASTM F 476 Grade 10 (measures doors and sidelights resistance to forced entry).

During severe impact testing, the glass may break. However, the plastic interlayer continues to hold the glass together. Even in damaging storms, they'll keep the wind and debris out, insuring that the walls and roof of your home remain intact.

Security & Safety

KeepSafe Maximum is much more than the glass itself. It's a total window system designed for optimum home security. Creating an impact-resistant barrier so strong that it can withstand a direct hit from a crowbar. Tested with repeated blows from bricks, stones, pipes, and other tools, efforts at breaking and entering are rendered futile. The glass may be craked, but the window or door will remain intact.

Hurricane Protection

Windows and doors with KeepSafe Maximum glass can help protect your home and family, as well as guard against the destructive effects of hurricanes.

Solar Protection

The effects of Harmful, fading ultraviolet rays. Blocks out 99% of ultraviolet light, reducing glare and protecting furnishings.

Sound Reduction

Keeps the OUTSIDE OUT. Helps reduce irritating unwanted sounds and disturbing noise like traffic, planes, trains, lawnmowers, rowdy neighbors, late night parties....garbage trucks at 5:00a.m....from the outside up to 50% more than the ordinary conventional windows.

By using windows made with Keepsafe Maximum glass, you may be eligible for lower home insurance premiums.

Request your free in-home estimate now for Storm...Hurricane...Sound...Safety or Security Protection for your Home.

We are a Full Service & Installation Building Contractor

We Do Not Sell Windows Only for Retail

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Replacement Windows
Have you ever wondered what life would be like with replacement windows installed on your home providing energy savings, ease of cleaning and have a beautiful new look that would compliment your home? Vinyl Replacement windows are a long term investment that will provide a strong return from resale value to savings on your energy bills.

Energy efficient home replacement windows or window replacements can have a big impact on your homes appearance and maintenance costs. Home improvement is the best way to maximize the value of your home.


Strong Technology
Summit windows have multichambered, extruded vinyl compound frames with fusion-welded corners, which make them easy to maintain. They also feature PPG® Intercept® technology that reduces condensation, and glazing that delivers superior energy efficiency. In fact, our windows have attained the ENERGY STAR® rating.

Versatile Style
Summit products represent one of the industry's widest lines of vinyl windows and patio doors, with a full range of sizes, styles, options and accessories. Custom options complete the wide array of design choices.

A Match For The Elements
Summit is proud to be ENERGY STAR Compliant. Summit windows feature Low-E energy efficient glazing, which blocks harmful UV rays while keeping energy costs down.

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We are a Full Service & Installation Building Contractor

We Do Not Sell Windows Only for Retail

Impact Resistant Windows by KeepSafe@

Yes! KeepSafe Maximum Glass is TDI tested:
Department of Insurance

Every year hurricanes cause millions of dollars in physical damage and incalculable emotional harm to the lives of those caught in their paths. You can help reduce the damage left in the wake of hurricanes with KeepSafe Maximum® glass for windows and doors. KeepSafe Maximum stays intact, helping protect people and property from the force of these savage storms

Imagine glass windows and doors that stand up to hurricane-force winds up to 110 mph...that protect against flying debris...that resist forced entry...and that work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in your home. Now there's a single kind of product that delivers it all--windows and door systems made with KeepSafe Maximum glass.

KeepSafe Maximum glass is produced by permanently bonding a plastic interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two panes of glass under intense heat and pressure.

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